Friday, January 29, 2010

Lady's Escape

Lady will usually go from stall to paddock or from paddock to stall without being led, so I give her a lot of freedom. She recently made it quite clear, however, that she still has a mind of her own. Her stall door was open and her hay snack was inside and I expected her to follow the usual routine. It was a complete surprise when she walked past her stall and headed for the back door of the barn, which was still frozen only partly open. I was sure she couldn’t get through, but she proved me wrong. She stopped just outside the door to munch on hay droppings, and I tried to grab her halter. She resisted and took off across the road toward the farmer’s gate. As I walked after her, she seemed to be looking for some tasty grass, and perhaps decided it wasn’t there after all. Before I could get close to her, she came back to the barn in her fast gait and a bit of canter, back for more of that hay dropped outside the barn door—where I was able to capture her. You see, when horses are not under human influence, they do whatever comes naturally, which could be dangerous to themselves and others. Although Lady is about the most reliable horse I know about some things, she does have a mind of her own. I'd love to hear about other mares and their special ways!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Yes, it's been a long time since I added any comments. Christmas was a busy time; drove 1876 miles round trip to enjoy it with my kids and their families. But yesterday, I knew it was time. After 2 months without riding, I brushed off Lady's coat of crud as much as possible, and rode in the indoor arena. She was perfect. Stretched out so I could mount, did everything I asked, including stop, back, slow gait, faster gait, sidepass over a pole both directions, turn in place, and then she stretched out so I could dismount. And she was quiet and attentive all the way. What a girl! After I trimmed off about 4 inches of bridle path and cleaned out her hooves (which looked better than I thought they would after all my neglect!), I had to reward her. Four cookies this time; she deserved every one. I'll bet my young gelding won't be that good after a two month layoff! We'll soon see. This warmer weather is a welcome incentive.