Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mares vs Geldings discussion you have to read!

Carol Upton has posted her review of MARES! (ya gotta love em) on a really great blog: In one day's time, there are already 36 comments about mares vs geldings and it's a discussion with a lot of interesting viewpoints and insight! Check it out and come back and let me know what YOU think about your mares!


Brenda@ **Dragonflys and Stars** said...

Oh my, I could go on forever about my mares!! I am a loud advocate for owning mares. I just ordered your book and am excited that you have a blog!

Can I gush about my reining mare Love for a moment? I bought her about a year ago at auction. I am a middle aged woman who started riding 6 years ago (have 5 mares, 3 of whom I bought as 2 year olds and broke) and worked my way up to being brave enough to try reining. Love is affectionate, b*itchy, well-behaved and bratty! When I mess up she looks over her shoulder and gives my a dirty look that just makes me laugh. She ca buck and reared when she doesn't want to work or I am asking wrong, yet I trust her completely. She requires that I work to maintain her respect, but she gives 150%. With mares, it is definitely a two way relationship that requires work but the payoff is beyond compare!

phaedra96 said...

I have two mares right now. They are as different as their breeds. Willow is a Norwegian Fjord horse, 16.5 years old. Steady, placid, easy-going. Boss mare subject to my approval. Lacy is a mutt; Walker, Paso/Missouri Fox Trotter. She feels she is the one and only; but does not dare challenge Willow. I am going to put her under saddle/in harness this Spring. She wants attention, and if working is part of it she is all for it! She has alot of attitude and I demand respect from her because she would be uncontrollable elsewise!!! I have had her since she was born. I let her Mama go down the road as she was dangerous and unpredictable. Lacey is a much better product. Love both of them!!!