Friday, February 26, 2010

New book review

I was so amazed and overwhelmed yesterday to see a new book review by Linda Ann Nickerson posted on Facebook, for my first book, Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse! Thank You Linda, for your kind words and very thorough review of this book. You captured my purpose so well! I guess it's ok to talk about the book on my MARE blog, because the horse in that book was a very special mare! Fanny was my first real riding horse, and I've learned a lot since then. That book is still doing quite well in sales, more than 5 years after it was published, and even earned an award last year: first runner-up in the Eric Hoffer awards, in the Legacy Nonfiction category (of older books published).
OK, here's a link to Linda's book review:

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Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Glad to do it! I'm always pleased to review worthwhile reads - particularly of the horsey sort.

Book Review: Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse

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