Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love that Gait!

My last ride on Lady was a reminder of why I love that mare! It's her gait! Cindy rode Rocky again, and I rode Lady, and we decided to do more than walk. I wanted to feel that gait again that I remembered from a couple times on the trails before. Always ask your riding partner for permission before you take off going faster. Just good manners, and a lot safer for everyone. But I knew Cindy could handle it, and she was willing. So, every part of our ride that was appropriate, I asked Lady to move out and she did. I loved it! Rocky's gait is slower, so he had to trot to keep up, and Cindy had to post. It was a bit selfish of me, perhaps, but it was honestly something I needed to do. I needed to remember Lady's wonderful gait and how it felt, and to remember how much I enjoyed riding her. I needed to feel again how much FUN it was! Just that one ride helped me more than I can describe. Somehow, my fears were left behind and Lady and I were partners again. Need to do this more often!

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