Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another step in the Journey with Lady

Cindy and I rode again not long ago, and this time we went into the wooded area behind the pasture. Five acres of woods can be a great place to ride when a marked trail curves around to make use of as much of it as possible! But when it hasn't been used for a long time, parts of the trail become blocked with fallen trees or trees that lean over the trail making it impassable. Oh well, we just made our own trail through the brush, even if it did have lots of poison ivy here and there. We finally did find another part of the trail and just for fun, I rode one side of a loop while Cindy rode the other, and then we met at the other end, still inside the woods. Then Cindy had this great idea! We rode outside the woods, and she stayed "outside," and I rode Lady back into the woods alone. Well, I didn't get as far as I wanted before Lady stopped and whinnied. Rocky whinnied back from outside the woods and they called back and forth a few times. I asked Lady to stand for a moment and that was about all she was willing to do. We went back out, rode around for awhile, then we tried it again. Cindy stayed outside on Rocky while I rode back into the woods again. At least we didn't see any turkeys on this ride. But again, Lady wanted to call for Rocky so she wouldn't feel abandoned, and he had to call back for reassurance, I guess. We'll have to try this again. At least Lady didn't do anything terrible, and she learned that she wasn't really alone, just separated.

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