Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lady is Still in Charge

It's been awhile. I don't ride much in winter. And my herd of 3 has changed since my last post, to a herd of two. I had to say goodbye to my wonderful old Traveller on January 9th, and I can't believe it's been a month already! Lady and Rocky now share the paddock, and I'm happy to report that Lady hasn't killed Rocky yet. Rocky seems able to take care of himself, fortunately, and Lady is learning to share. I can't put out one big pile of hay, like I did for Rocky and Traveller to share peacefully. But after scattering lots of little wisps of hay all over the paddock for a few weeks, I can now toss out several piles over the fence, and Lady is much better at sharing. She still insists on being the first one to leave the paddock when it is suppertime, so I know she is still in charge of the herd. I rode Lady once, on a warm day when the ground wasn't muddy, and we went on the trail by the barn all the way to the edge of the woods. Lady was calm, and I was happy to be able to enjoy the ride. Lady is still being good, ever since the October ACTHA ride. She's almost like a different mare. Is that possible? She waits when I ask her to let me walk through a doorway first, and she seems very calm most of the time. I can't wait for spring. I think Lady and I will enjoy many rides again!

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