Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lady is a jealous mare!

I rode Rocky not long ago, and then put him in the crossties to clean his hooves. He's my 9 year old TWH/SSH gelding. And I was loving on him and we were sort of nosing each other, when my husband warned me that Lady was having a jealous fit! Here I was, loving on Rocky right in front of Lady's stall and she was watching. Poor girl! Lady is very loving but also very demanding and very possessive, so my loving on Rocky just didn't set right. Yes, she was visibly upset, so I had to go and pet on her and give her a mint to make things better. Next day, I rode Lady, and she was a perfect angel in every way. At least she usually doesn't hold grudges.

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Brenda@ **Dragonflys and Stars** said...

Two of my mares are side by side in the heated barn where I board. They really do get jealous of each other. If I have Love out and Honey (they came with those names...)is in her stall, Honey sticks her nose out for kisses and nickers softly if I ignore her. Love is a bit more aggressive and will kick her stall if I work with Honey first and she hasn't had her time. I love walking in the barn and hearing them both nicker once they see it is me.