Monday, November 9, 2009

Mare wins Breeders' Cup Classic!

Well, I just have to call attention to the winner of this big race on Saturday, November 7, 2009. It was a MARE...the only female in the race! Just another proof for the belief that mares will try harder and give you everything they've got! Her name is Zenyatta, but I heard they are calling her "She-biscuit."


Cindy said...

Betsy, you are so right Zenyatta is one amazing mare. I haven't seen a mare this amazing since the great Personal Ensign, who also retired undefeated with 13 wins, after winning the 1988 Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs under the legendary jockey Randy Romero.
Zenyatta sure gave the boys a run for their money in the Breeders Cup Classic this past weekend. Towering over most of her competitors, standing 17.2 hands tall she made most of the field look like shetland ponies.
Her jockey Mike Smith did a wonderful job guiding Zenyatta around the Santa Anita oval for the mile and a quarter race. Even after a sluggish start and breaking on the wrong lead, Mike remained calm as he asked Zenyatta to switch to her right lead and then drop to the rail to save ground. Then when the time came Mike encouraged Zenyatta to make her move up through the pack of horses. And just like a well tuned machine Zenyatta responded.
As they turned down the stretch, Mike was going to bring her between the two horses in front of him and Zenyatta was willing to go. Then just as they reached the hole between horses the hole closed and Mike quietly edged Zenyatta to the outside, and then it was done.
Zenyatta exploded past the leaders like they were tied to the inside rail, to win by a length and in a time of 2 minutes and 3/5th seconds.
This is one amazing mare, I'll be highly disapointed if she doesn't win horse of the year, she deserves it.

Betsy Kelleher said...

Thanks Cynthia Medina...what a wonderful piece of information...from a former jockey who knows what she is talking about! Hope to see your posts often on this site. I know you love mares and I know you are really good with horses! And besides, folks, this is my riding instructor!