Friday, November 6, 2009

Loved by Mares

OK, you mare owners and lovers....share something about HOW your mare shows her love for YOU! The photo above, of Lady and me shows how she gives me her hug by wrapping her neck around me. She usually does it when I remove her halter to put her bridle on. She doesn't avoid the bridle but has to give me a hug for a minute first! I wonder if she just wants to reaffirm our bond before I ride!


Ellen said...

My mare dixie will put her nose in my face and breathe deeply in and out like she's just savoring my scent. She never bites, sometimes she lips but mostly just breathes in the deep peacful way that horses are known to do. If I dont move she'll stay that way for a couple minutes =).

Debra McDaid said...

I wasn't sure how else to write you, so I went this rout. I have had many horses in my lifetime, but two stand out beyond the others, both are mares. One in particular was Head Band, a stb, race mare that we claimed. She was a huge Chestnut mare 16.2 or more, with lots of chrom, big bold and beatiful... with attitude and the determination and heart of a lion rather than a horse. When we got her we knew her past, it was a mix of horror story and missunderstanding on the prev. owners parts. The woman wanted to love her, but the husband the trainer was abusive. This abuse is the norm in stb racing. We have a 'way' with mares and this is simply that we are not abusive... this would prove to be the key to Head Band whom we could come to call Brandy, or the 'old red mare'. She was craby, not old lol. When we got Brandy she was a horrid starting gate horse, she didn't steer, couldn't jog the wrong way of the track, and if you crossed her even in a race she would stop and kick you out of the racebike. She was dangrous and even feeding her was taking your life in your hands. Her mother had been a horse from hell, and so was she... she was the last foal from the great old mare that had produced many great race horses. I loved her from the first, and set about changing her, with all my heart and soul I spent time with her, if she was rough or ill mannered I laughed, and shrugged it off, we never took her seriously, we never let her think we were worried about her bad behavour... we just loved her, and slowly it payed off, my husband and brother in law drove her, and they showed her that racing was her livelyhood, she became the most honest, hard working mare I know... we could do anything with her, and in the end she would giver her life for me, for us... I could harness her standing dirrectly behind her and she would not kick... I stepped once between a vet and her to save him and she stopped in mid kick... she would guard me from anyone elses approach, she loved her stablemates and if another horse got loose she would 'defend them' against the horse... she was coragous, and our friend, our family. She once stepped in between another horseman and his attack with a whip on his horse... her love for us knew no bounds and ours for her the same... we could not afford to keep her forever and did the best we could for her, we sold her for a broodmare... what became of her after this is uncertain... but wherever she is, please know that I love you and will never forget you.